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The word "conclusion" is definitely not an appropriate title for the summing up of True Blue Lodge's most recent 25 years of existence. The strength of its members, past and present, ensures that no conclusion is in sight for this wonderful fraternity. By virtue of the heritage of the building in which they meet, the members hold their history in a privileged position and, as such, pass on through the membership the burning desire to maintain the excellence that is True Blue.

The initial responsibility for recording this excellence falls to the Lodge Secretary. Through his skills and efforts, the actions of the brethren become words scribed for posterity in the records of the Lodge Meeting Minutes. The business of "Reading and Passing the Minutes of the Previous Meeting" often seems to get little acknowledgement in the big picture of lodge happenings. In reality, this business item is crucial to the very essence of the lodge's being, for it is through the possible correcting and accepting of the minutes that actions become historical facts and that future generations can learn of and from them.

The attainment of 150 years of existence is a very auspicious occasion. For True Blue Lodge, it marks the culmination of myriad actions of dedicated Masons to establish, nurture and sustain a group of men who, for most years may only come together a mere ten times in official capacity. Yet, those times hold deep meaning and maintain a spirit of living that ensures the raising of "super structures" in every meaning of that term. As True Blue Masonic Lodge exists, it is firmly intertwined with the excellence of the village in which it resides. Indeed, the rich history of Bolton and the greater Town of Caledon is so further enriched because of True Blue.

The choice of a title for this history book speaks to the impact that, hopefully, the history will have on the future. Inspired by the previous accomplishments of former and existing members, those who come after are presented with the opportunity to preserve the tenets of Friendship and Brotherly Love and, in so doing, to make True Blue their own continuing domain of excellence.

As present and future members peruse this book, may their intent be to give True Blue their very best - as the journey continues.

W. Bro. Michael Walmsley, True Blue Historian

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